For advanced users, a number of command-line programs can be downloaded here that provide low-level functionality for construction of custom scripts or pipelines for beamformer source analysis with CTF MEG datasets. Two command-line programs (makeBeamformer and makeVS) can be used to generate source images and time courses (virtual sensors) using a minimum-variance beamformer algorithm. These programs are built using the identical C++ libraries as used by the BrainWave toolbox. Some additional utility programs are also provided for manipulating CTF MEG data (e.g., filtering, merging and viewing data). Binaries are available for both Linux or Mac OS X (64-bit) operating systems. Program usage details are provided below.

These programs are provided at no cost for RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT APPROVED FOR CLINICAL USE. Please do not distribute without permission. Copyright (c) Douglas Cheyne PhD. Hospital for Sick Children.

What's inside?

makeBeamformer makeVS filterDs epochDs dumpDs combineDs

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