Douglas Cheyne, PhD

Hospital for Sick Children
Senior Scientist, Research Institute
Program in Neurosciences & Mental Health
Associate Scientific Staff, Division of Neurology

University of Toronto
Professor, Dept of Medical Imaging
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Department of Speech-Language Pathology
Institute of Medical Sciences (member)


I received my BSc degree from the University of Waterloo in 1981 and PhD in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in 1988. My doctoral thesis, carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Hal Weinberg, involved the first mapping of human motor cortex activity using a single channel magnetometer. After completing a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Neurological University Clinic in Vienna, Austria, I returned to Canada to participate in the development of the world’s first whole-head MEG system at CTF Systems Inc. in Port Coquitlam BC. In 2001, I relocated to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where I am currently a Senior Scientist in the Program in Neurosciences and Mental Health, and Professor of Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto. My current research interests include neuroimaging technologies, measures of brain development, and basic studies of the human sensorimotor system. Over the last several years, my lab has been developing novel mathematical techniques for mapping spatiotemporal patterns of cortical activity involved in the generation of movement and speech, and we are currently extending these techniques to the study of recovery of function in cerebral palsy, childhood stroke and peripheral nerve injury. More recently, I have become interested in the development of oscillatory networks in early childhood, and how these may serve as biomarkers of typical and atypical development of cognitive and motor skills.


Jessica Schultz MSc Candidate, U Toronto
Prisca Hsu MSc Candidate, U Toronto
Tom Chau, PhD, PEng, Senior Scientist, Holland Bloorview Hospital, Biomedical Engineering
Teresa Cheung, PhD, Professor, Simon Fraser University, School of Engineering Science
Luc DeNil, PhD, Senior Scientist, University of Toronto, Department of Speech-Language Pathology
Darcy Fehlings, MD, Senior Clinician Science Head, Holland Bloorview Hospital, Department of Paediatrics
Paul Ferrari, PhD, MEG Technical Director, Helen Devos Children's Hospital
Bernhard Ross, PhD, Associate Professor, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre, Department of Medical Biophysics
Pascal van Lieshout, PhD, Professor, University of Toronto, Department of Speech-Language Pathology


Silvia Isabella, PhD 

2020 – 2021

Fatemeh Mollaei, PhD

2019 – 2021

Sabah Master, PhD

2013 – 2017

Natasha Alves-Kotzev, PhD

2010 – 2013

Paul Ferrari, PhD

2008 – 2011

Fil Cortese, PhD

2007 – 2010

Colleen Dockstader, PhD

2003 – 2009

Michael Jurkiewicz PhD

2005 – 2006

William Gaetz, PhD

2001 – 2003

Shaquile Nijjer

University of Toronto, IBBME MASc

2019 – 2020

Silvia Isabella

University of Toronto, IMS PhD

2013 – 2020

Samantha D’Souza

University of Toronto, Rehabilitation Sciences MSc

2013 – 2016

André Chevrier

University of Toronto, IMS PhD

2010 – 2016

Anna Mersov

University of Toronto, S-LP MSc

2013 – 2015

Richard Wennberg

University of Toronto, PhD

2006 – 2014

Kim Saliba

University of Toronto / OISE, PhD

2008 – 2012

Garima Sharma

Neurosciences, U Toronto, volunteer

Fall 2021

Anton Hung

Neurosciences, Western University

Summer 2021

Merron Woodbury

Neurosciences, McGill University

Summer 2019

Tina Jiao

Kinesiology, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Summer 2019

Samantha Goncalves

Human Biology, U Toronto

Fall  2018

Sara Taghizadeh

Biomedical Engineering, U Toronto

Summer 2018

Merron Woodbury

Neurosciences, McGill University

Summer 2018

Carolina Barrera

MITACS Globalink Summer Scholar

Summer 2017

Tatjana Kay, BSc

U Toronto, volunteer

Summer 2016

Ahmad Mousa

CREMS Scholar, U Toronto

2016 – 2018

Candice Meng

Medical Engineering, Toronto, Research Student

Winter 2016

Soonji Kwon, BSc

University of Toronto,  IBBME-USRP Studentship

Summer 2015

Stefan Bostan

U Toronto NSERC USRA Studentship

Summer 2015

Ze-chuan He

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Summer 2012

Ze-chuan He

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Summer 2011

Natascha van Lieshout

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Spring 2011

Philip McCarthy

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Fall 2010

Chris Colvin

University of Toronto, IBBME Internship

Summer 2010

Natascha van Lieshout

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Summer 2010

Pierre Varache

Biomed. Eng, U. Mediterranee (France), Internship

Summer 2009

Brad Moores

Computer Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

2006, 2007

Patrick McVeigh

Physics, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

2005 – 2006

Andreea Bostan

Neurosciences, U. of Toronto, Summer student

2005 – 2006

Timothy Orr

Systems Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Fall 2004/2005

Volker Ressel

Neurology, Tuebingen, visiting PhD student

Fall 2004

Theresa Cooke

Max Plank Inst. Tuebingen (Germany) Lab Rotation

Summer 2003 

Rebekah Nelson

Biology, McGill University, Summer Stud.

Summer 2003

Benjamin Klösel

Medicine, Karls-Eberhardt U. (Germany) Lab Rotation

Summer 2003

Kashyap Patel

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Summer 2003

Kaushik Seethapathy

Engineering, U. Waterloo, Co-op Student

Winter 2003

Stefan Bostan, BSc

Trinity College (Medicine), Summer Research Student

2012 – 2018

Marc Lalancette, MSc

SickKids, MEG Lab Manager

2008 – 2016

Rita Al-Loos

Ryerson University, Research Student

2015 – 2020

Kelly Rombough

SickKids, Clinical Research Project Assistant

Fall 2017

Soonji Kwon, BSc

SickKids, Research Assistant

2015 – 2016

Vladimir Grouza, BSc

SickKids, Research Technologist

2015 – 2015

Pierre Boucher, MSc

SickKids, Research Technologist

2014 – 2015

Zhengkai Chen, MSc

SickKids, Research Technician

2011 – 2013

Silvia Isabella, MSc

SickKids, Research Assistant

2012 – 2013

Matt McDonald, BSc

SickKids, Research Technician

2008 – 2011

Maher Quraan, PhD

SickKids, Research Associate

2007 – 2009

Sonya Bells, MSc

SickKids, Research Technician

2006 – 2008

Andreea Bostan, BSc

SickKids, Research Technician

2005 – 2007

Anthony Herdman, PhD

SickKids, Research Associate

Summer 2005

William Gaetz, PhD

SickKids, Research Associate

2003 – 2006